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Breastfeeding & Lactation support

As well as being a babywearing/carrying consultant, I am also a trained breastfeeding peer supporter. I trained with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers. 

I am now a co-director of Basildon and Thurrock BRAS CIC (baby feeding, relaxation, assurance and slings)

We have a private Facebook group where we provide support and information to help you on your feeding journey. Click here to come and join us.

Our support groups are on Mondays in Basildon and Fridays in Noak Bridge. Book those here. You can also just come along for the social side, you don't need to come for support. All partners, support persons and siblings are welcome. 

We also offer a free 'introduction to feeding your baby' video. This will prepare you for your upcoming feeding journey. We go through all the basics you'll need to know before baby arrives, it'll help you to feel more confident and prepared. Great for partners and support persons to watch too. 

Click here to watch. 

Here are some links to some reputable sources of useful information:

* Our Padlet link for the preparing to breast/chestfeed session 

* Our google doc full of useful links and info

* La Leche League

* Kellymom
* The Breastfeeding Network

Other local feeding support groups:


Breast friends Brentwood, Chicken and Frog Bookshop

Wednesdays 12.30-2pm.


Latch on Havering


NCT Chelmsford, 07732 405125


La Leche League


Cake Club, Southend


Bump To Breast, Southend


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