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  • How do I know that baby is safe?
    I have a safety page on the website that is worth a read. Booking in for a £5 fit check is a lovely way to reassure yourself though. Also these infographics:
  • How do I know if my sling or carrier isn't right?
    There's a few things, but they don't always mean you need something new! You're uncomfortable or in pain Baby frequently isn't happy in the sling You can't make sure that baby is safe The first thing to do is book in with me for a £5 fit check, most of the time there are easy little adjustments to the sling or carrier that will make a world of difference for you. If I feel that there isn't anything we can do to improve things then I will suggest alternative options. I will work with you, your baby/child and your budget to find you a suitable option.
  • Do you have carriers too?
    Absolutely! A sling library isn't just for 'those wrap around things' I have wraps, mehdai, half buckles, buckle carriers and more. I will have something for you.
  • Can I swap my hired carrier?
    Yes you can. If what you've hired isn't feeling right you can swap for something else for the remainder of the hire period. You can come to my house to swap them or pop into a library session. It's always worth popping me a mesage first as there could be some small adjustments to make with your current hire that would help.
  • Can I bring my baby or child?
    YES YES YES. I will always expect you to bring the child you wish to carry. If you also need to bring siblings, they are welcome too. If your baby or child isn't in the mood for trying slings then I have dolls you can practice with.
  • I can't get to see you in person, what are my options?
    No problem, I offer video consultations which are great. We can fit check anything you already have or show you how to use your hired sling. You can hire a sling by collecting from my house in Laindon or I offer postal hire (£4.50) I also have my YouTube channel with videos for every sling in the library.
  • What service do I need?
    There's a few ways to access my services, this infographic has a good overview. Doorstep or postal hire: You know what you want and just want to come and collect it. Sling Library: Free to attend, 10 min slots, basic front or hip carries shown, have a fit check of your own for £5. Consultations: Start from £10 for a fit check and can last as long as you want. We can go at your pace, at your house or mine, learn to back carry, tandem carry, try a few different options, learn to feed in a sling and much more.
  • What if I don't remember what you've told me?
    Firstly, you're normal! You won't remember everything I've told you. That's why I follow up with my YouTube instruction videos. My inbox is also always open for any questions you think of too.
  • What can I dress baby in for the weather?
    Take a read of my blog here: This little infographic is a handy one to save too. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
  • Do you have carrying options for bigger kids?
    Yes I do. I have plenty. In the library I have options from newborn right up to 6/7yrs +. Kids are never too big to be carried - even once they're walking! Please get in touch and we will find a suitable option for you.
  • How long can my baby be in the sling?
    In short, as long as they need to be. Check out this post here for a bit more info:
  • When can I face baby away from me?
    This reel takes you through the safety guidance for facing baby away. It's worth noting that babies never need to face away from you - even the nosy ones! they learn a lot from seeing and interacting with you and from being in close proximity to your body. If your baby isn't tolerating facing you then book in to see me for a fit check as there may be some little adjustments that'll help a lot, or we may be able to use your existing sling/carrier for a hip carry.
  • What types of carrier are there?
    There are 6 main categories of sling: Stretchy Wraps Stretchy Hybrid Woven Wraps Ring Slings Meh Dai & Half Buckles Full Buckles Then within each of these categories there are lots of differences with the slings. You don't need to know all the tiny details - that's what I'm here for! But this blog will help you to understand their basic differences.
  • How do I book a sling library session?
    Please book here. you will need to register as a member before you can book an appointment.
  • How do I book a consultation?
    I don't have a booking system for these, you can email me at or fill in the contact form on this website.
  • Where is HQ?
    I live in Laindon, you would come to my house for any appointments at HQ.
  • I see a lot of your sessions run alongside breastfeeding groups, will I still be welcome if I bottle feed?
    Yes! absolutely you will. It does not matter to me, or anyone else, how your baby is fed. You will be vey welcome. The feeding supporters are well trained though, and if you did have any feeding questions, about any type of feeding, they will be happy to chat with you.
  • What to expect at a library session.
    You will book your free 10 min appointment here Then you'll fill this form in for me I will then make sure I have the right options for you to try at the session. Come at any time 'first come first served' I will show you the options I picked for you and you can try one with your child. If you like it then you have the opportunity to hire it from £10. With all sling hire you will get instruction videos. This appointment can also be used to fit check your own sling or carrier, which I charge £5 for. You are then welcome to stay at the group for a drink and to chat to other families or you can go on with your day.
  • What will happen at a consultation?
    Either you'll come to me or me to you. We will already have had a brief chat via message about what you'd like to try/how many adults will be carrying/age of child etc so that I am prepared with the right options. I will have dolls to use first, then once you've narrowed down your choices you can try with your child. This prevents them getting too distressed. We go at yours and your childs pace. They are in charge, If they need a feed/change etc then do it. Hangry babies are not happy in slings! Once you've tried some options on, we go through safety checks and fitting tweaks for your comfort. You can hire a sling or crrier at this appointment if you like. I follow up with instruction videos and any other information you need. My inbox is always open to you.
  • What do I need to bring to a consultation?
    You'll need yourself plus any other adult that would like to learn to carry too. You'll need your baby or child, if they're not in the mood for trying lots of slings then I have demo dolls to practise with. You may want to bring your own blanket to pop baby down on, or bring their car seat in. I do have guinea pigs in the room with us, if you're allergic or would rather use another room, please let me know when booking.
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