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South Essex Slings Inclusivity and Diversity policy


I, Deborah, owner of South Essex Slings, am always learning and growing, if I have made a mistake, please let me know. 

I aim to create safe spaces where support is key. No judgement, no questions,  just unbiased support.


You will never be expected to divulge information about yourself that you are not willing to share, any information you do share will be kept in confidence.



South Essex Slings recognises that racism is ongoing in our area and that it shapes peoples parenting experiences. 

I am committed to doing everything in my power to ensure a space that is welcoming to everyone regardless of background, ethnicity and nationality. I do not tolerate hate speech, slurs, bigotry, or prejudice of any kind. 


Socioeconomic background:

At South Essex Slings the Pop up sling library sessions are open to all, irrespective of ability to pay. I do not ever condone carrier shaming and will help make whatever carrier you own work for you whenever possible. 

There isn’t one perfect sling, only the best sling for you and your family. This will differ for everyone. 

I have a selection of slings and carriers available to hire for free. I will never ask you to prove that you need one of these - you telling me this fact is enough. 

If you need to book a 1:1 consultation but funds are preventing you. Get in touch, these can be booked on a 'pay what you can' basis. 

If you would like to own your own sling or carrier I can help to find you one to suit your budget - whatever that may be. I also have access to charities and funding projects that can help.  


Family structure and Gender/sexual orientation:

Families of all kinds and all combinations of caregivers are welcome at South Essex Slings in person and in any online spaces. I urge our users to avoid making assumptions about a caregiver’s role in a child’s life unless given that information. 

I welcome caregivers of all gender identities and expressions. I strongly urge our members to avoid assuming the gender of a child or caregiver and to use a person’s correct pronouns if given that information. 

Gender-based bullying or hate speech will not be tolerated in any of South Essex Slings’ spaces.


Feeding methods:

Although Deborah is a breastfeeding peer supporter, and will happily support you with any feeding questions,  South Essex Slings will welcome you however you feed your baby or child. If you aren’t breast or chest feeding, you are still very welcome. How you feed your baby is your family’s choice and there will be no judgement here. Just support and a safe space to feed however you wish. 



South Essex Slings welcomes children and parents/caregivers with disabilities. Deborah strives to make spaces accessible to all. I am committed to addressing ableist language and avoiding ableist assumptions. 

I choose accessible venues where possible and am working towards making any online spaces accessible through image descriptions.



Whatever your religion or beliefs, you are welcome. At South Essex Slings, I commit to being respectful in all interactions with you and your family. 


If you see anything that I can improve upon, please contact me. 

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