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Private Workshop

£60 for 2 hours at HQ Laindon, or £70 at a your home. Maximum of 6 participants (depending on space available)

If you have a group of friends, NCT group or similar and you all have babies or children of a similar age then you can all learn a similar skill together. 


Get in touch to book your own private workshop here.

Group Workshops

Feeding and Carrying:  £15pp, £20 per couple. 1.5 hours


During this session we will explore:

*Feeding in slings of all types.
*Use your own slings and carriers or the library ones.
*Suitable for any age child and any way of feeding. Breast/chest, bottle or otherwise.
*We will talk about different feeding positions and how to make sure baby is safe at all times.
*You will be sent some videos after to remind you of what you've learnt.



A white woman with long brown curly hair looking down at her child who is carried in a red and white woven wrap on her front. Her child is breastfeeding. They are in a garden.

Newborn carrying: £20pp, £25 per couple. 2 hours


If you're expecting or have a new baby and have no idea where to start then this is for you.
During the workshop we will:
*Explore all your different carrying options
*Talk about safety when carrying
*Talk about baby positioning
*Try on slings with dolls or your baby
*Discuss feeding in slings

You'll get a two week free hire of a stretchy wrap, with the option to extend the hire for 3 months for £15.

A black woman in looking doen at her newborn baby being carried in a blue and purple buckle carrier on her front. He is holding her finger. They are in a garden.
A white man wearing sunglasses with short brown hair is back carrying a 2 year old white child with a hat on, in a grey buckle carrier. They are in a field, you can see the grass and sky behind them.

Back Carrying in buckles: £15pp, £20 per couple. 1.5 hours


During this workshop you will:

* Learn to get your child safely onto your back and how to get them safely back down again.

*We will practice with dolls first, then your child.
*You will need your child and any slings you own (or you can borrow any of the library ones)
*Suitable for babies from 6 months.
*Suitable for buckle carriers and Meh-dai's. (we may be able to accommodate woven wraps or other types of carrier, please contact us first to check)

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