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South Essex Slings Covid-19 Risk Assessment.


To minimise the risks of exposure to the virus, here’s what South Essex Slings are doing. 


*Offering Online consultations and sling fittings where possible.

*Offering doorstep sling hire pick up and returns with zero contact. 

*Postal sling hire (£4 charge)

*Hands are washed before packing slings into bags. 

*All returned slings are washed and quarantined for 72 hours before being available to hire again. 


*Running an appointment system for face to face sling library sessions and consultations. 

This enables a one in, one out policy and keeps details for track and trace. 

*Hands are washed or hand gel used before touching any slings that you will be trying. 

*Anything you have tried will be quarantined for 72 hours. 

*We will remain socially distanced, outside where possible. 

*If weather forces us inside, we will both wear face coverings. 

*We will discuss your needs beforehand so that we can limit the amount of slings tried on.

*Any dolls that you need to use are cleaned and sanitised, as are chairs or other equipment that is touched.. 

*For consultations at HQ, there is rear access to my garden so you won't need to walk through my house. The gate will be open so you don’t need to touch anything. 


*I am doing twice weekly lateral flow tests, and will cancel any appointments if I get a positive result. 

*If I show any symptoms of Covid-19 then I will reschedule any appointments and self isolate for the required amount of time. 


*I will be taking cashless payments where possible via stripe, paypal or bank transfer.

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