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Sling Library Sessions

These sessions are perfect if you know what you would like to try or you just need basic fitting help for a front or hip carry. If you or I feel that you will need more time than this 10 - 15 minute slot then consultations (from £10) are available which will give you more time.

Currently I run numerous library sessions alongside other groups, click here for more details and book your place

At these sessions you will get a 10 -15 minute slot which is enough time to try on one option, maybe two.

It will help me if you fill in this online form before coming so that I can narrow down your choices and help you to find the right option quicker.

Can you also please register via the button below, you can add funds to your account too which will save us a lot of time when checking out any hires. 


Sling hire is available from £13 for 2 weeks (stretchy wraps are £13 per month or £30 for 3 months)

You can have your own sling or carrier fitted at these sessions for just £5.

Contact me via button below if you have any questions or need to book a 1:1 consultation.

A white woman with brown and blonde curly hair is in the centre facing the camera. She is talking to a lady with dark brown hair who is side on to the camera. This lady is babywearing her baby on her front in a purple baby carrier. The baby has black hair and is looking at the camera. To the left of the picture two white women are talking, one has brown hair and is facing the camera, the other has red hair, a flowery dress on, is wearing a stretchy wrap and has her back to the camera.
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