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Safety is of paramount importance here at South Essex Slings. It is something that is taken very seriously. 

Whenever you are fitted with a sling or carrier, you will be shown how to use it safely and how to keep your baby or child safe whilst using it. 

Below you can see some very useful infographics to help you when doing the safety checks.

If you are not sure whether you're carrying safely, why not book in for a £5 fit check at a library session. 

Firstly you need to check babies airways:

*Are their nose and mouth easily visible?

*Is their chin off their chest?

*Is their head clear of the top of the carrier?

*Is their head up on the firm part of your chest?

Then check if they are held tight enough:

*Is their body held snug so they cant slump?

*Is the fabric supporting baby well enough so that they can't fall out?

Circle of safety from Ulrika Casselbrant
circle-of-safety-babywearing-ulrika-cass. Baby being carried in a mehdai carrier. surrounded by babywearing safety checks

T.I.C.K.S from

ticks.png babywearing safety guidelines from baby sling safety consortium
ABC's from babywearing international
babywearing international ABC's of carrying safety
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