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Troubleshooting your stretchy wrap

Got a stretchy wrap and struggling? Read on and hopefully you can tweak some things and feel more confident.

Apologies for the lack of video editing! I am good at carrying baby's safely and comfortably but not so much at dealing with the technology.

Firstly you'll need to determine whether your wrap is a one way (only stretches across the width) or two way (stretches across width and length) stretchy, watch this video to check.

If you have a one way stretchy wrap:

(typical brands are Moby, the Scottish baby box wrap, Freerider, Joy and Joe cotton and some cheap amazon ones) then these videos below should help you out.

These wraps usually cause a lot of frustration because they come with instructions for a two way stretchy! People struggle with them being too loose or too tight, but the videos below should help with that.

If you need more help then reach out for a fit check with me - either in person or online. Contact me here.

If you have a two way stretchy then read on for your troubleshooting tips!

If your question isn't answered here then contact me here and book in for a fit check (online or in person)

1.The fabric is getting twisted when I put it on

This is very easily fixed by not bunching the material when crossing it on your back. Hold only the top edge of fabric.

This is not a safety issue, but definitely a comfort one for you, the fabric can dig in and start to become annoying over time.

See the video below:

Keeping fabric untwisted:

2. Baby doesn't feel well supported, like I can't let go

There may be a couple of things going on here.

First, it is likely the sling is too loose, so watch the video below on how to make sure it's tight enough.

Or baby's position may be causing the issues, read the next paragraph about the Pelvic tilt to check how your baby is sitting and troubleshoot this.

Checking the tightness:

3. Baby feels like they're dangly, I can't get that 'M' shape

When you're putting baby into the wrap, this is the easiest time to create this position. Ideally we want baby with a nice pelvic tilt (bottom lower than knees) so that they can curve towards you and rest their head on your chest. This pic is a great visual for what you're after.

Two pictures of a baby in a blue wrap, taken from the side. One the left is a pic of a baby with knees lower than bum, pelvis is not tilted and an adults hand is firmly holding their back. The pic on the right is of the same baby but they now have a lelvic tilt, knees are higher than bum and the adult's hand has relaxed grip.

If they feel very straight, or their head is flopping backwards then watch the video below for your troubleshooting tips.

If the sling is too loose you may also struggle with this, so it's worth checking the paragraph and video above too.

Fixing the pelvic tilt:

4. My baby is slumping

This needs fixing so that you can monitor baby's airways, keeping them clear, visible and with their chin off their chest.

It could be that the sling is not tight enough - go back to video in paragraph number 2.

It could just be that they were slumping slightly as you put them in, or their arms have dropped, watch this video to fix that.

If you still can't fix the slumping, please book in for a fit check by filling the form in here

so that we can make sure your baby is safe.

Fixing a slumping baby:

My baby's head keeps flopping backwards, they won't let me tuck it in

The most common cause of this issue is the pelvic tilt! Yes that thing again.

So go back to the video in paragraph 3 to check that and see if that improves things.

When the knees drop, they create quite a straight spinal position, similar to us standing. This allows the head to flop back.

When the pelvis is tilted towards us with knees higher than bum (generally soles of their feet will be parallel to the floor now instead of toes pointing down) their spine curves towards us which helps them to rest their heads on our chest and makes it very hard for their heads to flop backwards.

Try it yourself, stand up and see how far your head goes back. Then squat to the floor and see how far your head moves now!

Please contact me if it doesn't improve things as there may be something else at play.

I can't see my baby's face, the fabric is in the way

This is so common, with stretchy wraps particularly. The fabric covers baby's face if you pull it to cover their back well. Or you don't pull it over their back enough but you're able to see their face. So how do you get the material covering and supporting their back, right up to their neck AND clear it away from their face? A simple shoulder flip! Watch the video below for how it works.

Clearing baby's face:

How to use a two way stretchy wrap:

Here's my full Youtube tutorial video, incase it's helpful

Safety checks

Safety is of utmost importance whenever you are carrying your child.

Here's a quick checklist, but see my page here for more detailed information.

Text reads 'Safety Checks for carrying' there are two sunheadings. First is 'Airways' and explains how to keep babys airways clear, visible with chin off chest.  and second is ';tightness' which explains that baby needs to feel snug and secure on your body

Hopefully this blog has been helpful to you. If you'd like to make a Babywearing consultant very happy by buying her a coffee as a little thanks, you can do so here.

Enjoy your slingy snuggles


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