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What's the best sling for......

Is it this simple? If you don’t know what rabbit hole is awaiting you 😉 then yes, you can be forgiven for thinking that there’s a handful of options and it’s an easy question.

The fact is that it is not an answerable question I’m afraid.

There are a huge amount of options that might suit you. The people that CAN find the best one for you are a sling library or Babywearing consultant (like me!)

It’s often assumed that there’s a specific sling that’s best for feeding in/wearing inside/dog walks/ease of use/taller people/shorter people/big babies/small babies…..,

And yes there are certainly ones that do some jobs better than others but for the most part pretty much anything can be used in any way, by anyone.

What we need to do is to find the sling or carrier that best fits your body and your baby. The best place for this is your sling library. We have the training, the knowledge and ability to work this out very quickly (most of the time!)

But my friend really likes XYZ and said I should get one...

You could buy this option and you may be lucky. It may fit you well, fit baby well and you find it super comfy. But you may not!

Slings and carriers are like jeans or shoes. We are all different shapes and sizes which means we suit different styles. This translates perfectly to choosing something to carry your child in.

If there was one 'best carrier' then there would be no need for sling libraries at all, or we would exist with just that one option in stock.

In reality we need to stock multiple options. We all have different needs, different abilities, different age and size children, different size bodies. The list goes on, so the options must reflect that.

See my blog on the different types of sling here

We also teach safety!

On top of helping you find the most suitable and comfortable option for your family, we also show you how to make sure it is safe! This is probably the most important thing we do to be honest. Whether you come in for a fit check with something you already own or try something from the library, baby's safety is paramount.

Slings (like most things) can be dangerous if not used correctly, we make sure we give you the tools to ensure your baby or child is safe at all times.

Check out more safety info here

So please, spread the word. Sling libraries and consultants are here to help you. Help you keep baby safe and help you be comfy in the sling that is best FOR YOU!


Consultant South Essex Slings

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