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Guide to carrying in all weathers.

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

So, a very common question I hear is, what do baby and myself wear when using the sling? Especially if its very cold or very hot.

Hopefully this guide will help to clear things up for you, I will cover carrying in the heat, cold, wet and general clothing for boring weather!

Carrying in the Heat

When the weather is warm , we worry that baby will overheat. This can be easily prevented if you follow these simple tips.

  • The sling is a layer of clothing. If you have a thick stretchy wrap it may count as two to three!

  • Use loose, breathable cotton clothing on your child

  • You can use a muslin between you to stop the skin on skin stickiness, a damp muslin can be cooling

  • Remember that you will get warm too - don't wear too much under the sling

  • Protect the extremities - long cool trousers, wide brimmed sunhat, draped muslin over legs/arms or an umbrella

  • Hip and back carries are cooler, if your child is old enough

  • Thinner, cooler slings are available if needed ( see below)

  • Use a one layer carry with woven wraps or try a ring sling

  • If using sunscreen, leave at least 30 mins before using the sling as it can stain

  • Stay in the shade where possible

  • Check your child often - feel their back - and if they're too hot, take them out and have a break

  • Both of you stay hydrated. Baby may want to feed more often, formula fed babies may need small amounts of water (none needed for breastfed babies under 6m)

  • Lastly - its ok to not carry if its very hot! you can use the pram. ( just DO NOT cover it with anything)

Some options for cooler slings below, all can be hired from me, some I can retail. Pop me a message if you're interested in trying one.

Carrying in the Cold

It is very common for people to overdress babies and children when carrying in the cold, but it is not like them being in the pram. They are sharing your body heat so don't need as many layers. Here's my tips:

  • Thinner layers on you and your child. These can then be removed/added as needed

  • NO padded snow suits, especially on newborns*

  • Protect the extremities - socks/leg warmers/booties/hats

  • Keep babies airways/face clear of fabric (no loose scarves/cowl neck jumpers etc)

  • The sling counts as a layer of clothing, plus they're sharing your body heat!

  • Using a babywearing coat, oversized jumper/coat that zips around you both or a blanket tucked around the sling is a great way to keep warm

  • You can buy babwearing/sling covers if you wish

  • Check on baby - feel their back - if they're too warm remove something, if they're too chilly you can add something

  • Take care when walking on slippery/icy ground, snow grips for your shoes may be a useful investment

Image courtesy of Naturally Happy Families

Here's some great options for carrying in the cold, I retail the socks & leg warmers.

Now there isn't one prescriptive answer because each child is different. *For example, a small newborn in a snowsuit can be dangerous because they can slump inside it or overheat. Whereas a toddler who is up and down a lot, in the middle of winter may be fine in one as they don't have the same airway risks.

Fleecy suits are a good alternative as they're not too thick but are a nice cosy layer on your child.

It will depend on the temperature, and how long you're outside for.

Everything always depends! Check your baby/child and remove/add layers as needed.

In non extremes of weather (spring/autumn) the leg warmers or socks are great as an extra layer. Add a hat and cardigan if needed. It may be colder in the mornings and evenings, so things that can be easily removed as the day warms up are great.

Wet Weather

Carrying in the rain can feel like a momentous task, but with these few simple tips, you'll be dry in no time.

  • Umbrella - you have hands free to hold one! (I have fabulous a double umbrella - pic below)

  • The pac-a-mac hack (using a toddler rain coat attached to the sling)

  • Larger rain coat that zips around you both

  • Babywearing rain jackets or sling covers

  • If you have a stretchy or woven wrap - use a pre tied carry so its not dragging in puddles whilst tying

  • Pop baby in the sling whilst in the car or use the boot as a shelter

If you have any questions about carrying in any weather, please get in touch. I'm happy to help guide you.


Consultant at South Essex Slings

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